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The Secret of a Diet Meal Plan for Malaysian

The Secret of a Diet Meal Plan for Malaysian

Out of all the countries in South East Asia, us here in Malaysia is living in the fattest one. 44.2% of us are overweight. That’s pretty close to half of us. Just imagine, out of every two people that you will meet today, one will be fat. You don’t have to go very far. Just look around you, how many are overweight and how many looks fit and slim to you? It’s a good bet that about half of your colleagues, friends or even family are overweight. It’s like an inherited epidemic!

We are so used to this fattiness that we’re kind of immune to it.

“Never mind la you’re a bit fat, later-later can slim down one. Cute what?!”

Says your ever loving BFF. But deep down inside, you know that this is not you. You know that you deserve better than this. So you get on that treadmill, signed up for that gym class, skip your breakfast…but you are still overweight! Why?!!

Well, first of all let us ask the question…

What Makes Our Regular Non Diet Meal Plan So Fattening?

Let’s face it in Malaysia we have food galore. May it be local here in the East, or from the Middle East or even the West. It’s food paradise here people. We have from the very posh spinning restaurant of KL Tower to the comfort of street food. Just take your pick!

Just the amount of food that is available 24/7 contributes to the alarming rate of people being overweight here in Malaysia. Our breakfast of Nasi Lemak with all it’s sides is easily around 400kcal to 600kcal. 

Let’s pick apart the simple Nasi Lemak and why it can cause to us being overweight. Don’t get me wrong. I love Nasi Lemak! Reminds me of days gone by when my mum would cook it for us early Sunday morning. What a comfort food for me and it’s such an iconic Malaysian food.

However, when eaten as breakfast continuously for a long time Nasi Lemak can cause a whole lot of damage. Nasi Lemak is part of the simple carbohydrates food group. Simple carbohydrates are great when you need a quick pick-me-up but then again the energetic effect wears off really really quickly and we become even more lethargic than before. Hence, we will start to look for other source of quick energy. For me it would be that morning tea with some sort of kuih (little sweet or sometimes savoury Malaysia cakes). Even more simple carbohydrates will flow into our body. And then even more lethargic we become. We can’t wait for our lunch which will be a huge double cheese burger with large fries on the side.. and a large soda too please 😅😅😅 We feel full for a little while and then the cycle begins again. Hungry. Stuff face with simple carbs. Hungry again. Stuff face again. Hungry again. Stuff face again. You get the idea.

And what’s more, I used to eat well beyond 1 am. Noodles or rice would be the staple. And there’s no way my body needed that much of food daily. It’s no wonder that I was overweight while all of this was going on!

But I Love To Eat Rice! Can I Have My Diet Meal Plan With Rice Pleaseee

Definitely definitely never take out rice from your eating plan! I mean, you’ll lose 80% of what it means to be a Malaysian! LOL. When I do my coaching with my amazing coaching group, rice is always recommended. Why you say? Aren’t carbs evil? 

~ Sigh… 😓

Carbs or rice isn’t the culprit people. It’s the unbalanced diet meal plan that we’re constantly having which is tearing down our health. Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia gave the perfect solution to balancing our daily plates of meal – it’s called the suku-suku-separuh plate:

Simple right? But let’s take it one step further.

Swap your regular white rice with healthier options such as brown rice, basmati rice, red rice and even black rice. Higher in nutrition and much more beneficial for a healthy weightloss.

Understanding the Basics of a Healthy Malaysian Eating Plan

Alright, let’s dive in and set-up our basic healthy Malaysian diet. First and foremost, our mindset need to understand that we need something to eat 5 times a day – paced 3 to 4 hours apart. And each time, our main meal needs to have a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fibre and good fats. Meanwhile, our food for snacking needs to be high in protein.

A great example of a 1200 calorie diet meal plan for Malaysians is as below:

  1. Breakfast (7.30am) – Hot soya with 2 soft-boiled eggs
  2. Morning Snack (10.30am) – Almonds
  3. Lunch (1.30pm) – Suku-suku-separuh
  4. Evening Snack (4.30pm) – Youghurt
  5. Dinner (8.30pm) – Suku-suku-separuh

Most of us skip breakfast because of work. I used to have this sick feeling every morning of not having enough time to get dressed and go to work and ultimately my breakfast got killed off because of this. The effect of not having breakfast everyday is that we will experience those sugar lows and sugar highs through out the day. This lows and highs is what causes lots of fats to be stored in our body.

So never skip breakfast people!

Just Because I Love You Guys, I’mma Share My Personal Diet Meal Plan Perfect For Malaysians

Personal Diet Meal Plan for Malaysians

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